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The Challenge of Change

In 1975, not that long ago, when Australians retired on a Government pension there were 7.3 people aged between 15 and 64 for each person 65 years of age.

In 2025, just 50 years later there will be a projected 2.6 people aged between 15 and 64 for each person 65 years of age.

In 1992,with and understanding of challenges posed by an expanding aged population the Keating Labor government introduced a compulsory "Superannuation Guarantee" system as part of a major reform package addressing Australia's retirement policies.

Within one generation we have needed to accept the reality that we need to plan for our retirement.

Fortunately there are many and varied investment strategies and products that can assist us to build wealth for the future, however unfortunately very few people seek this information or fully take advantage of the incentives and opportunities available to them.

We urge anyone who has entered the workforce to engage a Financial Planner who is qualified in Retirement Planning and begin exploring your options. Its never too early to begin a long term savings plan and our clients are amazed to discover how even small contributions grow can grow into a considerable nest-egg over time.

The Intergenerational Report is a snapshot of Australia today and a projection into the future over the next 40 years. Click on the link for an interesting insight into how Australians are meeting the challenge of change