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Portfolio Funds

Managed funds are an alternative to purchasing direct investments.

In a managed fund, your money is pooled together with other investors to obtain broader market exposure. Investments are made by a professional fund manager in a range of asset classes (e.g. cash, fixed interest, shares) in line with your investment objective. Each investor is allocated a number of ‘units’, each unit representing an equal amount of the market value of a fund. If the value of the fund increases, the unit price will rise and vice versa.

During the year you are usually paid income or ‘distributions’ periodically while the value of your investment will rise and fall with the value of your underlying assets.

With thousands of managed funds on the market today, we can help you identify and target the most suitable product to meet your investment needs. You can invest in asset-specific funds such as share funds, property funds and bond funds. You can invest in a fund that focuses on local, or global assets. Or you can select a ‘balanced’ fund or ‘growth’ fund that combines some or all of the different asset classes.