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Insurance Services

IIG Guardian Wealth is a specialist division within Integrated Investment Group providing advice on personal insurances held within superannuation.

It is important to note that all members of a super funds will have some personal insurance inside it, the types of insurance including, Life insurance, Total and Permanent Disability insurance and Income Protection insurance.

These insurances are meant to provide financial security to the policyholder or beneficiary in the event that the policyholder passes away prematurely or is permanently disabled, injured or becomes ill and is unable to earn an income and provide for their family.

Unfortunately, this well intended program is fundamentally flawed and as a result only 4 % of those insured have the right cover.


Most worryingly, 6 in 10 of those with dependent children do not have enough life insurance cover to look after their loved ones for more than one year if they were to die.


The average person pays up to $1200 per year in fees from their super account, a portion of these fees pay for standard default personal insurances. However, as testament to the above disturbing statistics, standard default personal insurances, do not necessarily suit you or your family situation and needs. In fact, there are hundreds of insurance products across the Australian market; each with varying benefits and restrictions the chances of them getting the right amount and type of insurance is pretty slim.

Further there are loopholes within the policies that may leave you in trouble when you need help and desperately need to make a claim. It is interesting to see the number of law firm offering help to disgruntled policyholders, no doubt theses legal fees are expensive and would eat into a payout should it be provided.

IIG Guardian Wealth offers a review and advice service that will help you redirect the money you’re already spending on an inferior policy, into a tailor made policy that suits your Occupation, Health Status and Lifestyle with no out of pocket expenses or fees or charges whatsoever.

IIG Guardian Wealth is not an insurance company or a superannuation company, we give advice only to our clients and we have access to all of the best insurers and super companies in Australia.

It’s our job to represent you to make sure the insurance policies and super funds actually benefit you. We seek to analyse your risk and figure out what type and how much insurance you actually need. Our comparison program helps us obtain quotes from all the top providers and see who's the most competitive.

Superannuation Services

While addressing your insurance needs IIG Guardian Wealth also helps people address issues within super itself.

According to the ATO (Australian Tax Office) 45% of Australians have multiple super funds and are therefore unnecessary fees and diluting their retirement savings.


A recent APRA (Australian Prudential Regulator Authority) report announced that there is $16 billion dollars in lost or unclaimed super accounts.


IIG Guardian Wealth can help you, find lost super, chose the right super fund for your needs, consolidate your multiple funds into the fund of your choice.

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