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Equity Accelerator Calculator

Everyone aspires to be mortgage free. The average mortgage in Australia is approaching $400,000 and of course if you reside in a capital city the averages are far more than this. The average mortgage repayment in Australia is $2,000 per month. Imagine how you lifestyle would improve if you no longer have a mortgage. 

When your home is under a mortgage you can imagine its divided into two parts the first part is Equity (your money) the second part is the Mortgage (your debt). Our overall strategy is to help you become debt free in the soonest possible time. This calculation will show you how we could Accelerate Equity to help you become mortgage free sooner and or open up investment opportunities sooner.

  • 30 years
  • 5 years

Current Position

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  • Total Repayments
  • Loan Term

Potential New Position

  • Total Repayments
  • Loan Term
  • Interest you could Save
  • Time you could Save
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